A reflection on two years – and our new love – Furniture Flipping.

Grumpy Betty has just celebrated two years of being a store in Caulfield. We thought about having a party but we’ve more in the mode of a ‘big breath’ out as we look forward to 12 months without lockdowns!

Like most Melbournians we feel we could write a book about what we have learnt about business, pandemics, and ourselves in the last two years – but there’s no time to look back – its forward we go! We are finding strength in the 1990’s mantra ‘Think global, act local’. We feel it covers off where we are now – impacted highly by many things happening globally but loving the feeling of empowerment we gain when we do things in our own community that make a difference. And there is nothing more local than a small retail strip shop.

When you set up a shop in the strip close where your kids go to school you don’t expect to have too many surprises, after all you feel as if it is your ‘hood’ and you are part of the local tapestry already. Opening a retail store takes this experience to the next level. We are very proud that Grumpy Betty has become an integral part of our ‘hood’. We know many locals on first name basis, we spend a good part of day chin wagging – and we LOVE it!

Importantly, the extra-strong tie to our community heightens the importance of sustainability and the drive to decrease our footprint on the planet. When you’re in Vintage/Retro/Second-hand retail most of your clientele are driven by this desire, we spend a lot of day discussing this movement and how we can each live the ideal. As the Think global act local’ mantra morphed into  the ‘Rs’ of the green movement – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish, Refunk and Rot, we make decision everyday how to live more sustainably.

We have been aware of the furniture upcycling, make over, flipping movement for a while. As we gather and collect furniture, we are inspired to give the pieces that are tired looking a makeover and achieve beautiful painted finishes using the Jolie HomeTM Paint. The ease at which old furniture can be given a new life by chalk-finish paint, and the availability of fabulous old furniture is the driver we experienced during COVID to improve our home spaces. This has led to a surgency in the movement to make it the fastest growing furniture repurposing movement in Australia and beyond.

We carry a selection of Jolie HomeTM premier paint, which is a water based, non-toxic and quick drying chalk-finish paint for furniture, walls, floors, and home accessories. You can achieve a beautiful range of finishes such as smooth, modern, textured and many more on your project. Jolie HomeTM paint adheres to many surfaces including wood, glass, terracotta, metal, matte plastics, stone, brick, and concrete. There is very little preparation required, most items need a wipe down only, NO sanding or priming! A large selection with 42 colours that can be mixed to create your own unique colour, the Jolie HomeTM paint range offers great coverage from one tin. We also carry the Jolie HomeTM Signature range of brushes and colour waxes.

Some people like to flip for profit, others to give a piece in their home a new life, and for some its purely as a creative outlet. Whatever your motivation, it sure is a lot of fun and the perfect way for us to live our purpose – Vintage is our world. Sustainability is our mantra. Style is our passion.