Who is Grumpy Betty?
Grumpy Betty is company wholly owned by Elizabeth Sparrow and Kara Lowe
Where did the name come from?
The name Grumpy Betty comes from Elizabeth’s days working in a call centre, and the team all gave themselves nicknames. Fortunately her colleague at the time, P’’’d Off Penelope did not decide to start a business!
Where does Grumpy Betty source the collections?
The Grumpy Betty Collections are sourced from Elizabeth’s family, and friends and connections of Elizabeth and Kara. Some items we sell on consignment and some as stock.
Would Grumpy Betty sell some items for anyone else?

We are always happy to look at items that you’d like to sell. Please send us an email with as much info as possible as possible about the items, and also photos.

Does Grumpy Betty offer estate clearing, decluttering and or downsizing services?

We don’t currently offer services that provide a total estate clearing, decluttering, or downsizing, but we are always interested in coming to look and see if there any items we think we can sell. There is a great company called Mrs. Secondhand who offer estate clearing services. 

What Interior Design services do you offer?

One of the Grumpy Betty directors, Elizabeth, is an interior designer. Elizabeth provides Interior designer services – styling your home or room the Grumpy Betty way! Send us an email hello@grumpybetty.com if you’d like more information or to book a consultation.

How does shopping at Grumpy Betty benefit the environment?
The Grumpy Betty values are – good design and sustainability. We are equally serious about both these values. All our items are either second-hand or locally made, thus minimising their environmental impact. Our power is supplied by Momentum Energy – as thus supports the renewable energy industry in Australia. All our paper products are either made from recycled paper or when that is not possible, paper made by FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) certified manufactures. All our cleaning products are from Zero.Co. – containers made from recycled ocean plastics, and environmentally safe chemicals. We do not use single-use plastics in store.
How does shopping at Grumpy Betty benefit the community?
Elizabeth and Kara have both lived in the Caulfield community for more than 10 years. Our kids all started their education at Caulfield Primary School. We love this part of the world and aim for our store to become a vital hub in the Caulfield South village. We are currently determining which not-for -profit local and global groups we will work with, stay tuned to find out more! Causes close to our heart include the environment, children and education and mental health.
What are the Grumpy Betty Terms and Conditions of Sale?


  • Most of the items are second hand, thus are sold in “as is condition”.
  • Where possible, Grumpy Betty will indicate wear and tear and damage that is visible.
  • Our customers are encouraged to assess items before purchase to be aware of any faults.


  • Grumpy Betty offers a 7- day ‘change of mind” return policy.
  • Items must be returned in the condition that they were sold. This will be at the sole discretion of Grumpy Betty staff.
  • Proof of purchase is required, in the form of a Tax Invoice or at the discretion of the Grumpy Betty staff, records on our POS system.
  • The customer can elect to have a store credit or refund or exchange.
  • This will be processed in our POS system against the original purchase transaction and any refunds paid as per the original payment, i.e. on the credit card used for the purchase or cash for a cash purchase. There are no exceptions to this process.


  • Grumpy Betty offers layby on items priced at $50 and greater.
  • Layby term is 4 weeks only.
  • A 25% deposit is to be paid to secure a layby.
  • The item will remain on shop floor during layby.
  • If the layby is not completed within 4 weeks, Grumpy Betty will refund the payments made, excluding 10% of the price as an administration charge.

The Grumpy Betty Terms and Conditions of Sale does not impact on the Consumer Rights under law in Victoria, Australia.