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Its time to talk ‘Snugs’

The name ‘snug’ is a small space in your home that is a small, cosy, and intimate area with lots of soft furnishings. The Snug provides a comfortable space to curl up in (preferably by a roaring fire). A snug should not be too large, you might say a ‘snug’ fit. It will usually be a separate room from the main living area, although in a smaller home or apartment, the living room can easily be made to feel as warm and welcoming.

Decorating ideas for a snug inlcude wall panelling and warm colours,  for maximum cosiness. These rooms are at their best in winter and if you don’t have room for a snug, why not carve out a reading nook from your living room – all you need is a comfortable armchair and a bookcase and/or small table – round is best.

Snugs are a place where you can switch off from the noise and mess of family life and sink into an oasis of calm – whether that’s a big luxurious sofa or chair with plump, sumptuous cushions to fall into where you can zone out in peace. Picture your snug as a space where any member of your household can read a book or watch TV and be in their own world.

Ultimately, if you are renovating or extending a house, including a snug can be a great way of encouraging family harmony and a focal point for relaxation and solitude. You can see some great examples in the article on the link below from House and Garden UK.

The colour palate, tends to be muted and warm, with a splash of deep colour. Colours from the Jolie Home Paint Palate that fit this brief:


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