Furniture Makeover Workshops

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Available Courses

Grumpy Betty uses the Jolie™ Home Paint products for our Furniture Makeover Workshops.

Jolie™ Home Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying paint for furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, and home accessories. It adheres to almost any surface and makes it easy to achieve beautiful finishes such as smooth, modern, distressed, textured and many more. We carry a curated selection of Jolie™ Home Paint colours perfect for any style project. Jolie™ Home Paint delivers quality and long-lasting results on surfaces throughout the home. Browse our range of Jolie™ Home Paint colours and products to find the ideal colour for your home improvement needs.

Can’t see the colour you want – send us a message- most colours avialable within 48hrs .

The Grumpy Betty Furniture Makeover Workshops  are run by one of our in-house Jolie™ Home Paints trained instructors and are conducted in the Grumpy Betty Studio Space at the rear of our shop.

You have the choice of two types of workshops:

  1. A Six-week Course.
      • Six 1.5hr sessions, one per week.
      • Rolls together our 3 – 3-hour workshops.
      • Introduction, Embellishments and My Proejct.
  2. One 3-hour workshop
    1. Introduction, or
    2. Embellishments, or
    3. My Project

Can’t see the workshop you’d like to do at a time that suits?

Send us a message and we’ll work with you to find a time that suits both you and us.

Jolie paint swatches for Jolie Home painting course

Level 1: Introduction

    • You will learn the 5 most popular chalk-finish paint techniques: 1) Basic, 2) Smooth, 3) Textured, 4) Distressed, and 5) Dry Brush.
    • You don’t need to bring a thing; we’ll supply some refreshments and all the tools and paint you need including wood samples to learn on.
    • Is recommended to do before the Embellishments and Complete Your Own Project courses.

Level 2: Embellishments – adding the sparkle

  • You will learn the 5 most popular advanced finishes 1)Coloured Wax, 2) Custom Coloured Wax, 3) Metal Leaf, 4) Gilding Wax 5) The ultimate look.
  • You don’t need to bring a thing; we’ll supply some refreshments and all the tools and paint you need, including wood samples to learn on.
  • It is recommended that you have completed the Introduction to Jolie™ Home Paints before doing this course.
Furniture Makeover Workshops

Level 3: My Project

  • You need to bring your project – it should be something that you can easily carry into our studio such as a bedside table, coffee table, etc.
  • You will need to purchase paint and any other Jolie™ Home Products you need to complete your project.
  • It is recommended that you have completed both the Introduction to Jolie™ Home Paints and Embellishment Course before doing this course.

Six-week Course

  • We combine all that you learn in Level 1: Introduction and Level 2: Embellishments into 6 x 1.5 hours sessions, held weekly.
  • In the last two sessions you work on yourown project – a piece that you can carry into our store, such as small coffee table, bedside table or bookshelf.

Your Jolie™ Home Paint Trainer

Elizabeth Sparrow

B.Des. Int. Des.

Elizabeth is a qualified Interior designer with a passion for beautiful items, particularly retro, vintage and antique. She has been a bower bird shopper– collecting from op shops, markets, on-line and friends and family- all her adult life.

Experienced as a Freelance Interior Designer has worked in Design, Sales, retail, and Account Managing B2B.

Elizabeth Sparrow

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Book a group of 4 and each person will receive a 118ml pot of Jolie™ Home Paint, colour of your choice, from our stock.
Value $24.95.

Purchase our pack of three courses for $450 and receive a $50 voucher for the purchase of Jolie  Home Products from Grumpy Betty.

Book into our 6-week course  and receive 15% off all purchases of Jolie  Home Products from the Grumpy Betty range for the duration of the course.