Our first 6-week Furniture Makeover Course – the results!

It’s a wrap – our first 6-week Furniture Makeover Course has wrapped up and its been fabulous. We had three students, who are all now inspired furniture makeover artists.

In the first 2 weeks we did what we cover in our Introduction Workshop, but with more time and the aim of completing a project the students chose their own colour palates. It is a lot of fun to explore the Jolie Home Paint range and see the variety of palate options come to life.

Suzanne’s palate was muted tones with light contrasts – her use of Jolie Home Rose Quartz and Petite Chateau in for the distressed technique produced a stunning result. Lisa’s palate used strong colours. Her use of Jolie Home Paint Terra Rosa and Black Wax for the Textured Technique, inspired Kara to work up a sample with the Rouge and Black and White Wax. For those loving the deep reds these samples are amazing. Alicia’s colour palate really rocked the Hamptons Vibe, with takes on the Blues and Naturals – the most elegant hues of the Hamptons palate.

suzanne colour palate 3                      6 week course lisa colour palate                          kara colour palate

  1. Distressed Finish – Rose Quartz and Petite Chateau.     1. Smooth Finish – French Quarter Green                                      1. Distressed Finish – Graphite and Swedish Grey
  2. Smooth Finish – Sage                                                       2. Distressed Finish – Swedish Grey and Gentleman’s Blue.         2. Basic Finish – Dove Grey
  3. Textured Finish – Moroccan Clay with Brown Wax.          3. Textured Finish – Terra Rossa with Black Wax.                           3. Textured Finish – Rouge with Black Wax
  4. Distressed finish – Moroccan Clay and Linen.                  4. Dry Brush – Rose Quartz and Moroccan Clay                             4. Smooth Finish – Rouge

For weeks 3 and 4 we covered our Embellishment Workshop. Introducing the Metal Leaf and Gilding wax (Gold, Silver and Copper) takes the Jolie Home Paint range in a different direction. Whilst this group is not strongly Bling oriented, they produced more stunning work. Suzanne stayed in the muted zone, with a beautiful use of Marigold, Linen and Gold. Lisa moved into the muted world, with a very pretty Rose Quartz, Lilac Grey and Silver piece. And Alicia honed her bling skills on the original antique look with Urban Orange, Malachite and Copper.

suzanne colours 2                    muted bling

  1. Distressed Finish – Olive Green and Swedish Grey.             1. Embellishment – Marigold, Linen, Gold idling Wax
  2. Smooth Finish – Custom Mix Yellow –                                        and Gold Metal Leaf.
    • Emperor’s Yellow and Palace white                            2. Embellishment – Rose Quartz, Olive and Gold Metal Leaf.
  3. Dry Brush Finish – Olive Green and Emperor’s Yellow          3.Embellishment – Rose Quartz,Lilac Grey and Silver Metal Leaf
  4. Dry Brush Finish – Graphite and Lilac Grey                           4.Embellishment – rose Quartz, Olive Green and Gold Metal Leaf.

In weeks 5 and 6 – we had an absolute blast with their projects. Suzanne worked up the most original piece of upcycled furniture we have seen – a Vintage Chest, on its side, with half a table inserted into it, and some shelves added – for the cutest small bookcase/display cabinet. Her colour palate was inspired and fun. Olive Green – wash-finish on the outside, Petite Chateau –  wash-finish  was used on the middle shelves, Rose Quartz on the inside sides, French Blue on the back and the Yellow on the table legs is a mix of Emperor’s Yellow and Palace White. We are loving this palate – look out for our Spring/Summer project – painted terracotta pots – you will see more of Suzanne’s palate.

Before.                                                                                                   During.                             After.

suzanne piece pre        suzanne piece pre trunk side      suzanne adding petite chateu 2      suzenn piece finished 2

Alicia brought in a lovely Half-table with queen Anne Legs – this style of furniture works well with Dry Brush Technique. Allowing for a dominant colour to highlight its perfect lines and proportions and a contrast to bring it into a more casual style. Alicia chose one of our favourite colours – the Gentlemen’s Blue with French Blue Dry Brush. In addition, the top has a lovely wood detail, to not lose this feature, it was painted with the wash-effect, in the Gentleman’s Blue. The result is a perfect furniture makeover, from an old-fashioned looking table to the perfect piece for an Alfresco entertaining space!

Before.                                                                      During.                                                                    After

alicia's table pre front      alicia table top sanded        alicia painting with paint pot    alicia's table the wash    alicia dry brush in french blue

Stay tuned for Lisa’s piece – it will be finished when she can make it into the studio to complete the course.