‘Verdigris’ Round Pedestal Side Table


‘Verdigris’ Round Pedestal Side Table


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'Verdigris' Round Pedestal Side Table

This beautiful pedestal side table was originally a reproduction solid timber table, that had been painted black on the base and pink on the tabletop. We have sanded back the original paint and after running a competition, the selected colour was 'Verdigirs' from the JolieTM Paint range. The table has three coats of  'Verdigris' paint to enable a lovely painted finish using the basic technique and has been finished with JolieTM clear wax and buffed. Typically the wax will take two weeks to harden and cure. Handpainted by Elizabeth Sparrow

Measurements: H. 645mm (64.5cm) x W. 600mm (60cm) x L. 460mm (46cm) Base width,