Stunning Furniture Makeover Before and Afters from Grumpy Betty Customers

Our Furniture Makeover customers have been hard at work, we love it when they share their completed projects.
In each of these projects, you see that old brown wood much loved and used pieces with beautiful proportions, shape and detail are given a whole new life with a furniture makeover using Jolie Home Paints. What needs a makeover in your home??
1) A large very brown but beautifully detailed sideboard with mirror is turned into a glamorous bar with Joile Home Paint Graphite- yes please!
Ornate Brown Wood Sideboard

Stunning proportions and detail.

Side Board Makeover with Jolie Home Paint Graphite

A very brown sideboard meets 2022 with a Jolie Home Paint Graphite Makeover.

graphite swatchJolie Home Paint Graphite Moodboardjoliepaint graphite quart

2) A tired dark wood bathroom vanity is barely recognisable after a makeover with Jolie Home Paint Eucalyptus. This project was completed in under 24 hours!
Tired Brown Vanity christine bathroom vanity post eucalyptus 2021
eucalyptus swatchJolie Home Paint Eucalyptus Mood Boardjoliepaint eucalyptus quart
3) This beautifully shaped old pine dining table -was transformed with a natural finish top and legs in Jolie Home Paint Swedish Grey – making it the prefect piece for the Beach House it now calls home.
Beautiful Vintage Large Pine Dining Table mary s completed dining table 2 2021
swedishgrey swatchJolie Home Paint Swedish Grey Moodboardjoliepaint swedishgrey quart
4) A side table – where most furniture makeover folk start their love of this hobby. It went from daggy, dark and in need of love, to warm, soft and loveable with Jolie Home Paint Uptown Ecru. This size of makeover is easy to achieve in an afternoon.
Dark Brown Wood Side Table Sidetable with Joile Home Paint Uptown Ecru Makeover
uptownecru swatchJolie Home Paint Uptown Ecru Moodboard.joliepaint uptownecru quart
5) The laundry – often the least loved and most ignored room in the house – Jolie Home Paint Palace White refreshed this space so doing laundry in this house is now a joy – OK maybe that’s a bit of an over sell – but it certainly is a lot brighter space.
Much loved and used LaundryLaundry with Joile Home Palace White Makeover
palacewhite swatchpalace white webjoliepaint palacewhite quart