end of year celebration 2022

The end of 2022 and what is happening in 2023.

As we close out our first full year of being open – HURRAY – we find ourselves reviewing the world of Grumpy Betty and contemplating what the next twelve months should look like.

Many of you will know that Elizabeth, aka, Grumpy Betty, is off pursuing a fabulous opportunity in the Home Decorating Painting world, and she has no plans to resume full time at Grumpy Betty.

We are very, very lucky to have Mignon Stewart join us to fill the gap.  Min has taken on with great gusto and skill the role of styling of the shop and joining our special community.

You might have noticed a ‘For Lease Sign’ above our shop. As our lease is up on 23rd Feb, 2023, we have decided not to resign for another three years on the same agreement. But it doesn’t mean we’re shutting up shop. At the moment we are not sure what 2023 will exactly look like for Grumpy Betty. We love being part of the Glen Huntly Road Caulfield, shopping strip. We love the Vintage world and the furniture make-over workshops and painting.

We’re open until Sat 24th December, then we’ll be closed most of January. However if you’d like to join us for a Furniture Makeover Workshop in January, that can be arranged. Stay tuned as in February, we’ll be sure to let you know where we end up!