father's day 2022 Vintage

This Father’s Day, give Dad a gift he’ll treasure forever.


Father’s Day in Australia this year is Sunday 4th September. We prefer to call it ‘Blokes Day’, as not all of us have fathers, but most of us have at least one or two cracking blokes in our life who are worth celebrating! These blokes come in all shapes and sizes and with many different passions and interests. We have been working hard to put together a catalogue of vintage, retro, and antique gifts to celebrate these passions and interests and to make it easier to shop vintage for your bloke, we have come up with Five Vintage-Bloke’s Day edits:

  1. The Chef and Mr. BBQ
  2. The Library and Home Office Chap
  3. Enjoys a Tipple
  4. The Vintage and Retro Interior Stylist
  5. The Builder, Maker and Man Cave Bloke

We don’t wish to talk in strict stereotypes, or give our fabulous blokes a hard time, ultimately all our menfolk will have elements of each of these descriptions in their make-up. But it has been fun coming up with this list and the descriptions, and we hope it helps you decide which present to buy them to celebrate their impact on your life.

Look out for the email we’ll be sending for each edit – over the next few days there’ll be one per edit, for a curated list of great gift ideas or head straight to the “Presents for Him” section on our “Come Shopping” page and you’ll see them all there.

Note: Roy Churcher: Self Portrait (2004)


This great bloke’s natural habitat is by the BBQ with Tongs in hand. He’s gregarious, not really an introvert and has a huge repertoire of ‘Dad’ Jokes. This is our image of the quintessential Anglo – Aussie guy. He commonly support an AFL or Rugby team about which he is extremely passionate, he can recite details of their past 20 years with remarkable accuracy, and secretly dreams of spending just one game in the coaches’ box.

His vintage loves – are cookbooks, the more retro the better, beer glasses and he wouldn’t walk past a 1970s Stainless Steel serving platter. He loves the movie ‘The Castle’ and likely has a pool room for his most treasured things.


The bookworm is the quieter Dad, a bit more reserved, he tends to shun the limelight and is more likely to be found at the table of the BBQ having a deep chat with a new or old friend. His natural habitat is the study or library, which will have treasures of literature and pieces collected on travels and/or vintage stores. Everything has a personal story, and he is happiest when relating these stories to anyone willing to listen. His vintage finds all come with a sense of history and great tale to tell.


The Dad who enjoys a tipple is likely to have a stash or cellar of special wine, and maybe some Port and very likely some fabulous whiskey. These bottles will be brought out for special occasions and to be shared with special guests. These occasions will include appropriate fanfare and an element of drama.  Always with laughter and often a special piece of glassware will be broken in the exuberance of the occasion. It’s important for this Dad, that his special tipples are served in appropriate glassware, thus he finds it hard to walk past the crystal section of a Vintage store.


The Interior Stylist Dad is generally a dapper bloke. He likes his spaces like his clothes, elegant, understated and coordinated. His style could be Classic, Retro or Eclectic, but it will be considered and curated. It likely that his day job involves and element of design or creativity, but he might also be an engineer or IT type – they often have a surprising creative bent. In a Vintage shop this Dad could head in any direction, there maybe a piece he is looking for or a piece that he just falls in love with and must buy. He’s happy to spend more money, if he loves the item and appreciates it’s value. Receiving a Gift Voucher for fabulous shop is just as exciting for this chap as the perfect item – he doesn’t mind a little shopping!


The Builder, Maker and Man Cave Man loves a challenge. There is nothing he can’t be fix, mend or make, and he has a shed full of fabulous tools and things needing fixing and finishing. This space is his castle, his domain and only able to be navigated by him. We might role our eyes when we drive past the hard rubbish pile and he hits the brakes, but we love his enthusiasm and know that just sometimes from the shed will come a masterpiece that makes it all worthwhile. He natural habitat is the junk store, more than the curated Vintage Shop, he only ever buys a bargain, but he’ll walk into any second-hand store – because he doesn’t want to miss the bargain- the one that got-away!

What ever rocks the boat of the bloke/s in your life, celebrate them on Sunday 4th September, with words, cards or gifts, but most importantly with love and your time and have a great day!